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Hello, I'm Dalmeet! I'm an award-winning science journalist based in London, UK. I have a Biochemistry BSc degree from University College London, a Science Communication MSc degree from Imperial College London, and a passion for neat storytelling. I was honoured and humbled to receive the 'Excellence in Statistical Reporting' Award from the American Statistical Association in 2020. In September 2015, I was also shortlisted for the 'Outstanding Young Journalist' category of the Asian Media Awards and in June 2016, I was shortlisted for the 'Best Newcomer' Science Journalist award from the Association of British Science Writers. I spent all of 2016 working as a full time reporter for the scientific watchdog Retraction Watch. 
I report on scholarly publishing, meta-research, scientific method, higher education policy, research tools, bibliometrics, psychology, among other topics. My work has featured in/on The New York Times, Nature, Science, Slate, Medium, Spectrum, NPR, Chemistry World, New Scientist, The Guardian, The Observer, The Economist, The Boston Globe, Physics Today, C&EN Magazine, Physics World, BBC Future, The Cut, New York Magazine, Undark Magazine, Quanta Magazine, Times Higher Education, SciDev.Net, Psychology Today, The Scientist and more! I have also made video and radio clips for the BBC. 
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